The Howe Sound Pulp and Paper Mill (HSPP) has been granted approval to vent Dilute Non-Condensible Gases (DNCG), pursuant to several conditions, during the maintenance period on their Power Boiler from May 19th – 28th, 2014.

Non-condensible gases (NCG’s) are odourous waste gas streams produced during pulp processing.  They are divided into two streams: DNCG’s which are low concentration but high volume; and concentrated non-condensible gases (CNCG’s) which are high concentration but low volume.

During normal facility operations these gas streams are managed by burning them in HSPP’s Power Boiler or Lime Kiln.  The DNCG’s are directed to the Power Boiler and the CNCG’s are directed to the Lime Kiln.  The Power Boiler also acts as a back-up for the CNCG stream in the event that the Lime Kiln is not operating.

The Ministry of the Environment will be keeping a close eye on air quality in the area during this period and more updates will follow if there is a concern.

DNCG Venting Approval-May 19-28, 2014