April 26

Bike to Work Week is back!  For the second time, SSCAS is coordinating Bike to Work Week (BTWW) May 27- June 2 in Whistler and Squamish, and for the first time, in Pemberton. Bike to Work is an event encouraging people to commute to work via bicycle.

“Bike to Work week is a great opportunity to experience getting around on a bike and hopefully this form of commuting will be adopted by more people;” says Ruth Simons, Board member of SSCAS and former Lion’s Bay Councilor. Ruth is committed to increasing environmentally sound and affordable transportation options throughout the corridor- biking of course being an excellent example.

Cycling is one of the best things you can do to achieve good health and fitness. People that cycle regularly- to work, school or on errands- live longer than those who do not and lead healthier lives. Trading in your car, for even just a few trips, also means big savings, both in terms of cost and carbon. Commuting to work is the number one cause of carbon emissions and vehicle exhaust is the number one form of pollution in our airshed. Choosing to cycle instead, even for part of the time, can have dramatic results.

Bike to Work Week motivates residents to try cycling to work, helping to break down perceived barriers that keep people from cycling to work on a regular basis.

Launch events in Pemberton and Whistler and  a Celebration Station in Squamish will motivate residents to take part in Bike to Work Week. Great prizes, including a WB Bike Park Season’s Pass, Cruiser Bike from Comor, and Helmet from Bike.Co, will act as further incentives. Safety messages and items, including LED front and rear lights, will be shared with participants and bike infrastructure will be promoted. Mayors and Councils will be invited to lead a community ride.

There are lots of ways of participating in this corridor-wide event! Leaders in businesses and organizations are encouraged to create or join a team; teams of one are ok too. Register at www.biketowork.ca.A registration booth at the Squamish Farmers’ Market (May 18th & May 25th) provides another opportunity to register.

Sponsorship opportunities exist and sponsors will be recognized through a variety of media channels corridor-wide, offering great exposure to their brand or product. Volunteering is another terrific way of getting involved.

Questions? Contact: Kim, 604-698-7697 or visit: www.biketowork.ca

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