Action Planning in Action

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Implementation Plan Workshop







On Thursday February 5, 2015, stakeholders, board members and staff of the Sea to Sky Clean Air Society (SSCAS) gathered in Whistler to help develop an implementation plan for the airshed’s Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP).

The AQMP was created in 2007 with the aim of protecting air quality, providing actions for addressing mobile, area and point source emissions in the region. It was the result of a multi-stakeholder process that brought together government and health officials, First Nations and members of the public and civil society.

A review of the AQMP was completed by Cariboo Environmental Consulting in 2014, and generated a number of recommendations for increasing the efficacy of both the plan and the SSCAS for the next 3 years. The goals of Thursday’s workshop were to prioritize these recommendations over the short, medium and long-term, develop actions to ensure they’re realized, and identify champions who will carry them forward.

Facilitator, Kevin Damaskie, set a relaxed tone for the meeting with some fun games and strums on his guitar. After the group discussed current realities, Kevin proceeded to guide participants through a “world cafe” exercise, in which small groups discussed and ranked each recommendation.

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World Cafe

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Current Realities








Workshop participants then had a chance to share ideas for how the top recommendations could be implemented, ensuring each action was RUMBA (relevant, understandable, measurable, believable, attainable). The group stayed focused and energized (perhaps as a result of the delicious food prepared by Cracked Pepper catering) producing a great deal of excellent content, which will form the basis for the implementation plan soon to follow.

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Graham Veale (MOE)- focused!

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Julie Saxton (MV) presents action ideas for the mid-term








Kevin will be producing a draft implementation plan in the coming weeks with a final version shared widely amongst all stakeholders and approved by the Board by March 31, 2015.

A great deal of thanks is owed to each workshop participant, many of whom traveled a far distance braving torrential rains to make it. Thanks as well as to Kari Mancer (exiting Executive Director) and Kevin Damaskie for organizing the workshop. Thanks also to: our impromptu photographers (Jim Pawley and Eric Andersen); catering staff from Cracked Pepper who prepared the amazing lunch; and Crystal Lodge that provided the venue. Finally, we are forever grateful for Graham Veale and the Ministry of Environment. MOE’s ongoing support and funding provided for this vital planning session (as well as the initial AQMP and recent review), offering a clear path forward for the SSCAS.

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Ruth Simons and Elizabeth McNeill bonding over clean air actions