April 14, 2013

Yesterday members of SSCAS joined 120 other participants, collectively representing 65 organizations, community and First Nations groups as well as government bodies, in congregating at the Gleneagles Golf course in West Vancouver for a forum to discuss proper management and protection of the Howe Sound. Long-time residents spoke of their passion and fond memories for this area as well as their tremendous efforts over the years to protect and restore the natural assets, many of which are showing signs of rebounding with the closure and / or clean-up of industry. Stakeholders agreed that it is necessary to balance industry and other land uses with protecting the assets valued by residents and visitors and that a management plan is needed to accomplish this goal. This plan will need to be science-based and developed through a stakeholder-led process that holds decision-makers and politicians accountable.  The Forum was a great first step and SSCAS eagerly awaits the continuation of this important process.